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Freeware Version

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LiveCode SE (Standalone Edition) is a multi-user source code and text editor. 
Which allows users to edit a piece of source code or text in realtime.  It is turn
based allowing one user to edit the code at any time.

Pro Version Features:

  • Set upto a 1000 user max per Host.

  • Chat in realtime with all users.

  • A private textbox where you can paste snippets or edit text privately.

  • View and kick individual users from the server.

  • Auto start the program when Windows starts.

  • Auto Login as Host or Client when the program starts.

  • Choose simple or advanced modes.

  • Unlimited free online updates.

To upgrade to Pro Version you can select Upgrade from the menu at any time.
It will take you to the website where you can purchase a serial to unlock the
freeware version. We use Paypal as our secure payment handler. Please remember
you can only check for updates in the Pro Version.

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Purchase Online.

Click the button below to purchase a serial online.  The serial can then be entered
into the freeware version to upgrade to Pro Version.  The serial will be sent to the
email address used in the payment.  The email will be sent from
so please make sure this email is not filtered as spam by your mail client!

Once you click the button you will taken to PayPal's secure web payment site.

All inclusive cost of 4.99 only!
Just enter your email address and press buy now.

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